AE Naturals Butter Scotch Fragrance Oil For Hand Made Soaps & Cosmetics 100ml

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  • Fragrance oils are widely demanded among the aroma therapists.
  • Fragrance oils are widely used for beauty-care personals owing to their captivating aroma
  • Fragrance oils and exceptional therapeutic properties.
  • Fragrance oil is used for homemade soaps, cream and lotion.
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Net Contains 100 ml
AE Naturals Butterscotch fragrance oil is a mouth watering well rounded combination of rich butterscotch, buttery caramel with a subtle lingering, this is a Premium quality fragrance oil made for using aroma therapies and cosmetics purposes. It is mild even though it is synthetic it is not harmful in any ways
This fragrance oil is used in soaps, lotions, bath salts, scrubs, and any other cosmetics type application as well as potpourri, sachets and room fresheners and in aroma therapies.

2 reviews for AE Naturals Butter Scotch Fragrance Oil For Hand Made Soaps & Cosmetics 100ml

  1. Aaditya Kumar

    It works like its name suggests!. When massaged with any oil, it makes you relaxed and sleepy. This is very good for people having trouble with sleep.
    The aroma is really strong and fresh. It’s more of a luxurious scent than fruity or woody. 1 drop is more than enough for 5 drops of coconut oil. It seeps very fast into the skin and works well. This one is a great product.

  2. Abhishek Das

    I am using this product and oils is good. I like the aroma of “Relaxing” one. The smell of Butter Scotch Fragrance Oil quality is good. I generally use them as room freshener by pouring single drop in a tissue paper and hanging it one corner. Mostly I mix two or three essential oil together to enhance the freshness and it works well. Sometime I use eucalyptus oil and peppermint (one drop each) to apply on my head mixing it with hair oil. It helps in soothing my nerves.

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