AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Basil Powder 250g

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• Builds immunity and is effective in regulating blood pressure levels
• Effective in treating gingivitis (gum inflammation)
• Provides relief from common cold
• Reduces skin disorders by purifying the blood
• Provides essential nutrients to improve weak eyesight

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AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Basil Powder
Tulsi not only heals the body but has remarkable healing effects on the mind and soul. It is the healthiest medicinal plants with adaptogenic and anti-stress qualities. The powder of this aromatic herb is used in making a variety of healthy recipes and beauty solutions. With the AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Basil Powder, one can concoct plenty of healthy recipes.


Key Ingredients
Oleanolic Acid is known for acting against inflammation and reducing mental stress
Ursolic Acid is an antioxidant that boosts immunity, burns fat, effective against benign and malicious tumors, anti-inflammatory, and helps the skin to look firm, wrinkle-free and radiant.
Rosmarinic Acid is useful in dealing with peptic ulcer, prevents cancers, inflammatory diseases and effectively cures skin allergies.
Eugenol is antibacterial and helps relieve stress

Effective against infections and skin allergies
An antidote against stress and anxiety
Revitalizes body
Anti-aging agent
Aids digestion and bowel movements
Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar

How to use?
You can brew tulsi powder along with lime juice, mint, and honey for relieving stress. It can also be sprinkled on salads, fruit juices, cakes, curries, and other homemade preparations. Moreover, you can also mix it with sandalwood powder and turmeric and apply it as a face mask to get glowing and smooth skin.


2 reviews for AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Basil Powder 250g

  1. Nitin Pandey

    This is a product that I have been using since a long time now and I have purchased this online, the first time ever. While the product is good as always, the tin can this product comes in, was severely damaged when I received it, not what I would expect from Amazon. 4 stars given here are for the sheer quality of the product from the manufacturer.

  2. Suhasini Panda

    I bought this to mix into my own proprietary blend of herbs for a green drink. My health has gotten so much better since I started drinking it. Great herb great company

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