Crystal Glow Advanced Whitening And Moisturizing Body Lotion 100 Ml

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Crystal Glow Whitening and Moisturizing Body Lotion’ works effectively at the deeper levels of your skin and provides you with a glowing, natural, spotless look. This lotion is not only a moisturizer but a skin lightener that interacts actively with your skin to keep it soft and lighten your tone. It highly reduces dehydration and fades pigmentation, acne scars and dark sports from your skin. This lotion prevents aging sings from appearing and enriches your skin to look younger with a healthier complexion.


* Softens and moisturizes your skin to get rid of dryness.

* All-over skin whitening lotion for the active whitening ingredients it includes.

* Slows down and repairs your skin from aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

* It suitable for all skin types including the sensitive skin.

*Promotes a hydrated, flawless, elastic skin.

*No side effects.

* Fades blemishes and uneven skin tone.


Glutathione, Licorice extract, Mulberry extract, Vitamins C and E.

How to use:

Apply all over the body and face during shower, gently massage over most affected areas then wash it. Use it daily twice a day in morning and evening for obtaining the desired results.



3 reviews for Crystal Glow Advanced Whitening And Moisturizing Body Lotion 100 Ml

  1. Nikita

    This is the perfect summer moisturiser in humid weather conditions. Gets absorbed easily, doesn’t leave a residue, doesn’t clog pores and as a result you don’t sweat any extra. Moisturises pretty good. It’s a moisturiser and as that it does its job well. Apply this after shower every day and your skin will love you for it 🙂

  2. Natasha

    This Body Lotion Is Nice as its fragrance is so Pleasant. If We Talk about the texture, it is neither thick nor Runny. Good For Summer Season. Gives Protection Against Tanning.

  3. Reetuparna Saha

    This Cream Has a soothing fragrance and is quick-absorbing. I use it throughout the year although I need more moisturizers in conjunction with this in the winters. Great value for money, super convenient packaging!

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